I am a culinary and systems consultant for restaurants. I fix broken kitchens. If you have an existing restaurant or group of restaurants that is under-performing, I can help you. From clearly defining your culinary concept, through menu and recipe development, to implementation, including hands-on, on-the-ground support. I also support recruitment and mentoring of key kitchen and administrative team members.


David Gingrass

Core Services

Existing Restaurant Refinement and Retooling

  • Operational evaluation, goal setting and action plan
  • Refinement of culinary concept
  • Revised menu development
  • New recipe development
  • Team member evaluation and action plan
  • Recipe system development and training
  • Expense management system development and training
  • Targeted labor forecasting and control
  • On-going culinary support including menu changes, specials development, and operational reporting.

Control Systems

  • Recipe costing
  • Menu mix cost analysis
  • Purchasing systems with par levels
  • Staffing chart and scheduling
  • Budgeting and varriance reporting, action plan